Caltrain Snack Train

Two things are hard to come by on Caltrain: the pimp seat* and a cup holder. So when you can’t find a place to rest your coffee and muffin, other riders might not be so happy. I realize this might sound whiny to Muni and BART riders, but as a customer of all three transit services, I can sympathize with reader CopperJet, who found the remnants of a delicious breakfast on the train the other day. CopperJet said,

You know who you are.
I am underwhelmed by your dedicated courtesy-ness.
Thanks for the wondrous treat which greeted me as I boarded car 1 (just behind the engine) of Train 134 this morning just before 9:00.
Who do you think cleaned up your messy-mess?

Hey it wasn’t me, CopperJet. That looks like Starbucks and I’m a slave to last-minute Caltrain Station coffee.

*See this debate about the definition of a Caltrain pimp seat.

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  • Perplexus Hollows via Facebook

    !! Thanks for my word of the day:
    de·tri·tus [dih-trahy-tuhs] noun
    rock in small particles or other material worn or broken away from a mass, as by the action of water or glacial ice.
    any disintegrated material; debris.

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