Memorial for Jimmy the Civic Center Busker

We may have lost another busker whose music served as a staple for our commute hours. Reader Laura and her young child often enjoyed Jimmy’s music when he played at Civic Center station. But, one morning last week, her husband found this poster, put up by Jimmy’s friend, noting the busker’s passing.

My husband Darryl took this picture in the southeast corner of Civic Center station on last Thursday morning, of a poster apparently put up in Jimmy’s honor. Later that day the poster was removed when he’d brought flowers to put under it. Jimmy was just a gentle-seeming person with kind eyes who played guitar most mornings in the southeast corner of Civic Center station.

We gave him money sometimes, and our four-year-old son sometimes danced to his music if we had time to stop for a few minutes on the way to preschool. We didn’t know anything else about him – even his name, until last week – but were shocked and saddened to see the poster (also shocked and saddened that the poster came down so fast.) We would love to make a donation in his honor at a social service provider if we could find out which one might have been helping him. Otherwise we’ll just pick one…

Last year, we saw an amazing outpouring of support for beloved busker Jesse Morris. If you have more information about Jimmy, or memories of seeing him play at Civic Center, please comment and let us know.

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