“Sorry About the Dog Shit Thing on Muni This Morning”

Photo by randychiu

@thrifteye found a very sincere letter from a passenger on Muni via Craigslist.

Sorry for smelling like dog shit on the bus – m4w – 25 (financial district)

Date: 2012-07-19, 9:39AM PDT

To everybody that was riding the 2 (or was it the 3?) bus inbound to the Financial District on Thursday, July 19 (around 8:30 a.m.)

I sincerely apologize for potentially getting dog shit on you. It wasn’t my intention.

Let me explain: I walked to the bus stop, like I do every morning. Typically, my eyes are focused on avoiding bikers and homeless people.Now, I know that I must add shit to this list, because apparently, I stepped in it.

When I sat down on the bus, I crossed my legs, like I usually do. When people cross their legs, the bottom of their shoes usually touches their pants leg. It’s only natural, you guys. Unfortunately, on this day, the bottom of my shoe had shit on it.

To the pretty blonde girl I was sitting next to: I think I might have gotten some of the poo on ya. Sorry about that.

To the guy on the other side in the Yankees hat: I might have gotten doo-doo on you too. Again, my sincere apologies.

To everybody else on the bus, let’s be clear- I did not shit myself. I see a lot of you every morning and would appreciate it if I wasn’t known as “the guy that might have shit himself that one morning.”

And lastly, to whoever let their dog take a dump on the sidewalk without cleaning it up- F you, buddy.


  • Howie Richman via Facebook

    Now that is True Muni Humor!

  • Howie Richman via Facebook

    Now that is True Muni Humor!

  • hezcatt

    of course, being that this is SF, that wasn’t dog poo. more likely human. sorry.

    • cowsaysmeow

      Eh, I’m putting my money on dog poo – you make a good point, but the 2 and 3 buses skirt the very edges of human poop territory at worst, and it’s dog poop central for the rest of both routes. My guess is poodle poop from Pac Heights (okay, so maybe I just wanted to type “poodle poop,” but still).

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