Last Day To Get Famous On Muni

See that empty ad space? You can fix that! Photo by Robert B. Livingston

100 Muni StoriesToday is the last day of our “100 Days, 100 Muni Stories” contest, which means: you can get on a bus, point to an ad, and say to your friend/date/random passenger next to you, “Hey, I wrote that.”

We’re celebrating 100 years of Muni by putting a part of your Muni story on a bus ad that will be displayed in the interior of all Muni surface buses. And you only have a few hours to send your stories (tweets too), because we’re closing the contest at 11:59 p.m. today.

Our guest judge is Isaac “Mr. Rad” Fitzgerald, managing editor of The Rumpus (have you subscribed to their Letters In The Mail program yet?), who will help us choose two winners from the pool.

So get your stories in today by using the hashtag #100MuniStories!

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  • Dexter Wong

    My mother’s most memorable Muni story is that she was taking me to the doctor on the old B Geary streetcar (I was still a baby.) As we neared our stop, she picked me up (I was wrapped in a blanket) and walked toward the open door. A gust of wind came through it and blew the blanket open, revealing I was barefoot. An old lady noticed me and said loudly, “That baby must be cold!” My mother then covered me back up and got off, saying nothing, but feeling quite embarassed.

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