“Why Are Caltrain Conductors So Much Friendlier?”

Photo by Richard Masoner

Burning question on Quora: “Why are Caltrain staff so much friendlier than other public transport staff in the Bay Area?”

While I am not sure the assertion is true, the sages on Quora have some guesses, including:
1. Caltrain conductors see more regulars.
2. Caltrain is quieter and more pleasant to ride so people are less cranky (except when this happens).
3. Caltrain conductors’ job description sounds more empowering.
4. Caltrain is faster than Muni (“slowness breeds frustration.”)

Hmm. Are Caltrain conductors really friendlier than, say, Muni operators?

The rest of the Quora thread.

Hat tip: Laura O. of our own @caltraindiaries!

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  • City Walker

    Why are Caltrain conductors nicer? Simple. The average Caltrain conductor has a higher level of education, takes pride in their work, takes pride in themselves, they enjoy their jobs and must actually perform their duties if they wish to keep their jobs. These traits are rarely demonstrated with Muni employees who have little to no fear of losing ones job or any disciplinary action against them.

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