Top 10 WTF Muni Moments of 2012

You gotta get from point A to point B, but on Muni, that trip can be just a little…weird. Or totally WTF. Here are the top 10 WTF moments on Muni, as reported by Muni Diaries readers like you.

10. Somebody went number two on the 22, and the photo above tells me that nobody opened a window! So this is why everybody wears a scarf.

9. Goats at the Muni yard. No bigs, right?

Photo by Tony Ta

8. I mean “WTF” with the utmost respect, sir Crocodile King. This gentleman’s outfit beats any skinny jeans and plaid shirt situation you see around in the city.

croc king on muni
Photo via Reddit

7. Everybody wants to know: who is this handsome accordion player?


6. Parenting is made even more difficult when your seatmate is trying to make a drink on the bus. Best comment: “Lesson to be learned here, children: always pour your liquor into your mixer, never the other way around…”

muni 40 parenting

5. Punk rock cat is more punk rock than all y’alls.

muni punk rock cat

4. Somebody left a pleasant little Easter surprise on the bus. How very kind!


3. Hey, who brought 100 lbs of rice on the bus? Best comment: “I once saw Ozzy Osbourne trying to bring live bats home from Chinatown and when the driver said no livestock on the bus, Ozzy bit their heads off so they were dead and everything was cool.”


2. Remember the slew of fake ads on Muni earlier this year that started out funny but turned sophomoric? (Bi-rite and Tartine were also targets of the fake advertisements).

Photo by @dougrobbin

1. The number one WTF Muni moment of 2012 has to go to the Giants World Series win, which turned into “let’s destroy some property” night.

Photo by Mike Hendrickson

This list, of course, does not include your daily “Where is my bus” moments. I’m hoping for more “pot Easter Egg” and fewer “burn the bus” kinds of Muni moments next year. What do you say?

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