Highly Appropriate Spam Email for Muni Riders

Photo by Muni rider XC

Spammers have finally figured out what riding Muni is all about. This email just landed in our inbox:

To: Muni.diaries.sf@gmail.com
Subject: New Nail Clipper

Dear Sirs,

Happy New Year! I know your Email address from the website. It’s really my honor to have this opportunity to write to you.

I know you are professionally purchasing nail clippers. Our factory specializes in manufacturing the Electric Nail Clippers which we spent three years designing and developing. Electric Nail Clipper compared with traditional nail clipper has the following advantages:

1. As we all know, the traditional nail clipper trim need two process, cutting and grinding. But now, using our product just need one process, our products share the function cutting and grinding together. It is more convenient for people to use.
2. The appearance of our product is more beautiful than traditional nail clipper.
3. According to different people, we designed different styles and models…
4. The most important is that our product is very safe. It use screw blade head…

We also specially designed Nail clipper for pets.

Ok, I know that nail clipping is the most familiar meme in Muni-riding (or BART, for that matter. Warning: gross photographic evidence.) But an electric nail clipper? Not even pro-level Muni riders could stoop that low. Besides, nail clipping on the bus is just not the same without its signature crunching sound. Right?

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