Five Muni Moments This Week

muni moments
Photo by Roshan Vyas

Five noteworthy things that happened on the bus this week:

Sometimes the jokes write themselves, especially if you’re on Muni. “Crack head, a hooker and a magenta-stained poodle get on the bus…” No really: just saw this on the 44-O’Shaughnessy. Meanwhile, a guy wearing those Google Glasses got on Muni this week. Wonder if he saw the old guy softly playing harmonica on the bus, or the beautiful baritone singer singing in Italian on the 49-Van Ness. This week a rider put a new spin on the grooming practices on the bus: a woman was applying foot lotion on Muni. Nail clipping on the bus is so…2010.

This week’s Muni moments were brought to you by:
Michael Capozzola

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