Kegels and Hair-Sniffing: Top Five TMI Muni Moments This Week

Photo by amyf

Sometimes I think Muni is our collective living room. But other times, people just get way too comfortable, as these five Muni moments of the week demonstrate. Important life question: How do you even measure the speed of kegels by bpm?

  1. Overheard on Muni this week: “My special talent is doing kegels at 180bpm. My record so far …11 minutes.”
  2. Another important question: Would it be inappropriate to wipe the lil smudge of shaving cream off this older Zach Efron lookalike’s face?
  3. A poor Muni rider had to changed seats on the 43 because the chick in the next seat kept smelling her hair like a Fabreeze commercial. (What shampoo do you use?)
  4. Girl at Muni stop smoking e-cigarette and blowing wisps of pomegranate or apple fumes billowing in this direction. Kind of nice.
  5. A man just cleaned his pitbulls earwax out on the K-outbound. You know. Whatevs. No big deal.

This week’s Muni moments were brought to you by @smiffleblurf, @ten_is_ha, @happysara89, @keaneiscool, and @mschung. What’s your Muni moment this week? Tweet it at @munidiaries and let’s blow up the party talk!

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  • TinyTim

    K/T line should have a special compost bin–especially for sunflower seed hulls and Cheese-It dust.
    Slipping on a floor slick from nail clippings is no fun.
    Denying an elder a seat because your pit-bull’s dirty bum needs a place is not cool.
    Using you smartphone or tablet right next to a vehicle’s exit is not smart. Do you expect others to chase down, grab at perp if you are not wise in the first place?

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