Top Five Muni Moments This Week: Sleepy Metalheads, Chewbacca Costumes, and Hair

Photo by echoes71

You guys noted some Muni moments that made our week. I hope the guy found his Chewbacca costume (see below).

Top five Muni moments this week:

  1. Applied bright red matte lipstick on a lurching Muni bus with no mirror & it is FLAWLESS. I’ve never felt more successful.
  2. This hippy on the 38 would be a lot cuter if her HAIR hadn’t got my MOUTH.
  3. Guy next to me on the 5-Fulton is yelling into his phone, “Hi! Do you have any Chewbacca costumes? Great! I’m a big guy, 6’3″…”
  4. Lady on the bus told kid’s parents “Your daughter looks just like her dad.” Their reply was “He’s a boy.”
  5. Maybe if I turn up the volume on my iPod I won’t be able to smell her!

In other news, this week I was on the 2-Clement and was sure that the man across from me was taking a photo of me. But I just couldn’t imagine what I was doing that could be so interesting. It’s kind of like blogging-karma slapping me in the face.

This week’s top five Muni moments were brought to you by @tiny_librarian, @thunderlips187, @zarembamf, @sarachristine29, and @rgb_since1981. Got your own Muni moment? Drop it off at @munidiaries!

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  • TinyTim

    Rob Lowe and Michael Pitt have to resort to sharing a Clipper Card after their SAG card expires. What a Lowe-down Pitt-y.

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