Passenger’s Escape to Jail on Muni

escape to jail on muni
Photo by hithisisjeff

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, hithisisjeff on Instagram sent us this story of an out-of-control Muni passenger:

Latergram from yesterday’s commute: This guy, after realizing he’d missed his stop, was so disruptive our Muni 8X driver had to stop on 101 South for safety reasons. Dude then starts climbing into the front seat with the driver. Passengers are freaking and some nearby start to intervene. I think the guy slips out of the driver-side window. I’m in back and get this shot. Ironically, he’s running straight toward SF Jail.

Whoa. Driver-side window?! If you were on the same ride, let us know what you saw!

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