On Muni, a Yelling Match Made in Heaven

Photo by torbakhopper

Sometimes it’s just not enough to complain in your inside voice. And sometimes, when you forget to talk in your inside voice on Muni, you’ll get your own play-by-play commentary with banjo accompaniment. From Muni rider Sarabeth:

I was waiting for the 24 bus outbound at Castro and Market. When the bus arrived, a few passengers got off the bus in a hurry. Then, the bus driver informed us that there had been an “incident” and the police were on their way. He said we were welcome to get on the bus, although “it might be a while.” I decided to wait for the next bus or the police to come. After a few minutes, a woman on the bus – who I later found out was the one causing ‘the incident’ on the bus – started yelling at other passengers on the bus, some of whom responded.

A few minutes later, the next bus came and everyone, including the yelling woman, got on that bus. The other passengers on the first bus were telling one another that they should try to stop her from getting on this bus. Meanwhile, two homeless guys on the street were commenting on the whole scene while playing the banjo. The bus driver from the first bus told her she “could wait here for the next bus.” Eventually, she left and a few other people who had been waiting to see how things worked out and I got on the new bus.

About 10 minutes later, at Castro and 25th Street, a man got on the bus and started yelling, ‘I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR 50 MINUTES! I SAW, LIKE, 9 BUSES GOING IN THE OTHER DIRECTION! WHAT IS WRONG WITH MUNI? THIS COMPANY BETTER GET ITS CRAP TOGETHER. THIS IS BULLSH*T.’

I was thinking: “Dude, I agree. Muni can be slow but quiet and calm down.”

Meanwhile, the guy is still screaming: “DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IT SUCKS TO GET OFF WORK AND WAIT 50 MINUTES FOR THE BUS?”

One of the other passengers, presumably from the other bus said that we should set him (the yelling man) and that woman (from the other bus) up and that it was ‘a match made in heaven’ and everyone else laughed while the yelling man just stood there, obvlivious to what had happened earlier, looking confused.

Perhaps Muni’s new motto should be ‘Muni, we may not get you there on time but we keep you entertained.’

Let’s just categorize this story under, “I think it, you say it.”

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