Muni Seat Jerk Caught on Camera

grum245 muni seat jerk

A rider took this Seat Jerk to task for not giving up his seat for an old man. But the old man has a different way to give the seat jerk what he deserves.

Dear Muni rider who refused to not be sprawled across two seats so that a 75-year-old man could sit down: I took your picture and told you I did so. Further telling you that I was going to post that picture to my Facebook, and Twitter, and wherever else I feel the urge.

Well, here it is. I argued with you and your friends for a long while, and while the ridiculous things your friends said were incredibly entertaining, nothing could have made my day more than when the 75 year old man just sat in your lap for a solid 90 seconds. It was awesome. You, on the other hand, are not.

Go, old man! Via Grum245 on Tumblr.

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