A Perfect Day on the 38-Geary

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Photo by Jeremy Brooks

When it’s not up in flames, the 38-Geary is my preferred no-frills express train to the hinterlands of San Francisco. Once you get past the craziness of the downtown commute (with its questionable smells and unidentified liquids), the 38 can take you to to some pretty cool places. From hole-in-the-wall eats to wide-open vistas, a trip to the end of the line is the ultimate urban getaway. Here’s my itinerary:

1. Start your afternoon with an unbelievably cheap lunch at Shanghai Dumpling King (go for the pot stickers and crispy pan-fried pork buns). You might have to get cozy at a communal table, which means great recommendations from your fellow diners.

2. Hop back on the 38 to Land’s End Trail to walk off your pork-filled lunch. The trail head near 48th Avenue is an easy path to some of the most spectacular views in the city. With the Sutro baths and secret labyrinth along the way, it’s the perfect 3.4-mile round trip.

3. When you’re done with your hike, warm up with a glass of Irish Coffee at the Cliff House. No car to drive home means you can linger over a second round.

4. As you head back on the 38 to crowded civilization, continue your night with the huge cheese plate at Redford and a craft cocktail at Tradition. Call ahead to reserve one of their private booths. There’s nowhere better to start planning your next adventure.

Who knows, you might run into the Most Interesting Man in the world on the 38, or a love note could be composed about you. If you happened to be on a story-worthy ride on the 38-Geary, you know who to call.

Our friends at Sōsh helped us find some cool stuff to do along the 38-Geary. Check out Sōsh to find more ideas to impress your date, your friends, or just your palate.

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