The Palmist on the 38-Geary

Photo by Amber Wolf of Wiz Bang Photography

In this audio story by author Andrew Lam, an old Vietnamese immigrant’s gift of palm reading is received with skepticism by a young artist on the 38-Geary. Andrew’s poetic story-telling of the bus ride begins with a familiar dark and foggy day:

Outside, the weather had turned. Dark clouds hung low, and the wind was heavy with moisture. He reached the bus stop’s tiny shelter when it began to pour. He didn’t have to wait long, however. The good old 38 Geary pulled up in a few minutes, and he felt mildly consoled, though sharp pains flared and blossomed from deep inside his bowels like tiny geysers and made each of his three steps up the bus laborious and breathless.

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You might remember Andrew from Muni Diaries Live, where he told a story about his thirsty cousin on the 19-Polk. This story is from his new book, Birds of Paradise Lost, which you can get at your favorite local small book store or order it here.

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