It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas on Muni


Amid complaints about literally freezing temps here in the city, Christmas trees are showing up on Muni to complete our certifiable “real winter.” Pics above and below by Keri on the 12-Folsom (AKA the TWAAAAAALVE).

I’ve heard tell of real snow falling to the ground and staying there, or resting festively on the actual Christmas tree as you bring it home. Perhaps we San Franciscans will experience such phenomena this holiday season.


I’m glad this Christmas tree got to pose with my friend, John, who loves Christmas more than anyone on this Earth. Below is John and his own tree, which rode partway home on the 24-Divisadero from Lowe’s.


But wait, there’s more! Here’s a little fella heading home for the holidays:

Photo by @inger

It’s not just the trees, either. Santa’s sleigh is clearly not being put to work a minute before Dec. 24th, making Muni the obvious alternative.

Photo by Muni rider Traci

I love these tidings of comfort and joy and can’t wait for more. Will any truly flocked Christmas trees ride Muni? Will Santa top last year’s gifts: Muni tree ornaments and a new Muni-themed Christmas carol?

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