Top 10 WTF Muni Moments of 2013


Every day on Muni is a WTF moment, so you know these 10 WTF moments that we’ve picked out from 2013 are the cream of the crop. If the photo above is any indication, our standards for WTF are pretty damn high!

10. “Moon over my shoulder” on Muni. Via Gary Whitta, who says, “I often see people on my Twitter feed complaining about their fellow bus patrons. It is to them that I present this.” Um…thank you, I think?

9. Ghost rides the Muni. Yes, for real.

8. Hey, it’s Chewbacca!

7. Captain doing-it-wrong.

6. Don’t you hate it when this happens?
man with loose bra

5. Most accurate bus prediction to date.

4. San Francisco hill is not Muni’s friend.
muni bad day

3. That one time…wait, make that twice…when the 38-Geary caught on fire.
38 geary fire

2. Ok, this is technically BART and not Muni, but twerking and sexing has to make the list.
bart sex screen cap

1. Muni as robbery get-away vehicle is probably a bad idea. The San Francisco Police Department’s Richmond Station (@sfpdrichmond) tweeted: “Yesterday at 5pm strong arm robbery occurred at 21st ave & Balboa 4 suspects located on Muni Bus and charged with robbery.” Does anyone watch heist movies any more?

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