Beware of the Inappropriate Man on 38L-Geary

Photo by sfjanda

Muni rider Marielamari told us about an incident of harassment that shouldn’t ever happen to anyone, on the bus or anywhere.

On February 19 at around 5:30 p.m.,  I got on the 38-L #6407 as I usually do to head home toward the Richmond. An older man in his 50s with a pot belly, holding a bag in his right hand, stood next to me. The bus was crowded and I understand people bumping into each other. However, every time he “bumped” into me, he extended his finger to hook my skirt. I didn’t think much of it the first time but after the third time, I made eye contact with him and he did it again more purposefully.

I asked him to step away but he didn’t. It wasn’t until a substantial amount of people left the bus that it became obvious that he was too close, so he stepped away. He got off at Divisadero and Geary. He was wearing an orange shirt and dark windbreaker.

I’m not sure what telling my story here will do but I just find it enraging that people like him take advantage and play dumb. I just want other women to be aware that this sort of thing happens. Please report, photograph, and let someone know.

In 2012, we told you about the Bay Citizen report that found that sex crimes on public transit are under-reported. It’s a story that we hear all too often here at Muni Diaries. Have you reported a similar incident to the police?

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  • Kieran

    Since you’re taking the 38 L from the Financial District then try taking the 38 AX instead since you live in the Outer Richmond..Most San Franciscans don’t even take that bus besides Financial District office workers. You’ll have a much lower chance of being sexually harassed. Plus the 38 AX is much faster than the 38 L.

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