This Muni cake is here to make your day

Photo by Pretty Please

Combining two of the most San Francisco things in one cake, Alison at Pretty Please Bakeshop in the Richmond whipped up this amazing Muni bus wedding cake with a big Giants ad on its side! The cake was for Lisa and her husband Mark, who met on a 1-BX Muni bus they both use to take to and from work.

Lisa told us the story of how they met. If this doesn’t encourage you to make more bus friends, I don’t know what will!

We both rode the 1-BX in the morning to work. He got on at Presidio and I got on at Fillmore. I was standing in the front stairwell talking to my other bus friends and he was usually sitting near there. I believe we saw each other a few times in the morning, as we were both single and tended to look around. Then one random afternoon I got on the 1-BX on the way home an looked down and found I was standing in front of him. True to my nature of being friendly, I said hello and said that I had seen him a few times on the bus in the morning. Then we exchanged names.

After that day, we began saying hello to each other in the mornings. We realized we got off at the same stop (Bush and Sansome). Gradually we began talking more on the way to work. We became bus friends. One day I invited him to a party and we exchanged numbers. Although he never came to the party, exchanging numbers was a good move because it gave us a way to stay in touch.

We stayed friends for a long time. Then he moved back to Texas and I had surgery and we both stopped riding the bus. I am so thankful that we exchanged numbers, because in the summer of 2013, Mark moved back to San Francisco and got in touch and we finally had our first date. We thought we were just getting together as old bus friends, but the sparks flew.

After we had been dating awhile, Mark told me two very endearing things: the first time he saw me on the bus he wanted to know what it would be like to kiss me and that every morning when we got off the bus he would walk a few blocks out of his way so that he could talk to me longer.

We are both so grateful for the 1-BX and we knew when we decided to get married we had to have a 1-BX bus cake. The Pretty Please Bakery knocked it out of the park! Our bus came complete with advertisements for our favorite team, the San Francisco Giants, and we had our reception dinner at our favorite restaurant, Perry’s.

Here’s Lisa and Mark.

image lisa and mark

In case you’re interested, the cake flavor was gluten-free pistachio with lime ganache and vanilla buttercream, probably the most delicious smell ever associated with Muni.

We’ve seen some pretty awesome Muni-themed weddings (Bus-shaped chocolate! Fast Pass favors! 5-Fulton save-the-date cards!), but this cake—and the story that came with it—is next-level adorable.

Got your own Muni-themed awesomeness (or even a story of finding love) on the bus? You know who to call.


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