Giants win the World Series, people break Muni windows

Photo by Sam Wolson/Special to The Chronicle

We warned/begged you!

The Giants won the World Series, and guess what happened afterward? People climbed on top of Muni and broke a couple of windows, naturally. This is why we can’t have nice things!

Last night, SFMTA suspended bus services “due to safety concerns,” though Muni Metro service on the surface streets and underground was still operational.

Here’s one more of a busted-up Muni bus:

Photo by Tim Hussin/Special to The Chronicle

And here are more scenes on Muni from last night, thanks to our friends on Twitter:

giants fans on muni by jennyzhu
Photo by @jennyzhu

giants muni shelter matthew roth
Photo by Matthew Roth

celebration from bus by faern
Photo by @faernworks

giants on muni by jhaiye
Photo by @jhaiye

muni police service by ekai
Photo by @ekai

Got stories from last night’s celebration? Send them our way please!


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