Karma rewards good Samaritan with the best 38-Geary ride

muni lines by jeffro9ers lg

Here’s evidence that karma really rewards random kindness. Muni rider Dave said that he had possibly his best ride on the 38-Geary when he decided to help a woman carry her heavy groceries from the bus.

This evening, I was honored to help a woman named Maral carry her groceries home from the bus stop. Maral is preparing for a party on Sunday and after spending the whole day shopping for groceries, she ended up with more than she could carry.



“The bread is light,” she said, “but the pork and vegetables are so heavy.”



Maral is from Armenia, and her husband is recovering from successful open heart surgery three months ago.



“I went to the hospital and I yelled at him him, ‘You do not die yet! You do not die!’ And, he did not die.” She laughed. “I did not even cry.” Then she paused. “Actually, I cry a lot. But not at the hospital.”

Maral told Dave more about her life on their way back to her house, and even tries to offer Dave some money for being such a nice guy (of course he said no). Read the rest of his story on Medium, and see a photo of two new friends who met on the Muni.

Photo by @jeffro9ers

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