Man’s reaction to singing Muni driver is basically how we feel

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Being serenaded by your Muni driver is a rare treat, and this man’s reaction is exactly how we feel about it. From @chaselepard on Instagram:

The bus driver on the 23 was singing the names of the streets. It was a great way to end a hectic Friday.

Commenters who have also been on this driver’s bus made the story even cuter. @lifeinportola says:

The older lady passengers would sing “thaaaaank you!” to him as they left the bus, and he would reply… in song… “haaave a wooonderfuuul weeeeekend!”

Who can blame you for being utterly captivated by the singing driver? Riders have been trying to spot the white whale, recording the musical operator on the 27-Bryant, and again on the 71-Haight-Noriega (even SFGate is on it). If you spot your own singing Muni driver (or just your own Muni moment), tag us @munidiaries on Instagram or Twitter!

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  • Mike Cohen

    I miss the driver on the N Judah who always made entertaining announcements and said “Muni loves you”. Unfortunately he left last month.

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