Need a place to find yourself? Try Muni (really).

Muni is the through line in this week’s podcast story from Simone Herko Felton, a senior at Lowell High School in San Francisco. Simone has lived here all her life and takes the 23-Monterey to go to school daily. She explains what it’s like to be a high school student in San Francisco taking this cross town bus, and why this particular line is symbolic of her multi-ethnic identity.

Listeners who went to high school in the city will especially appreciate Simone’s call out to how to pronounce “Lowell” in the appropriate San Francisco accent.

Listen to her story here:

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Mom of the year makes Muni birthday cake dreams come true

This is gonna make you want to be a kid all over again: train-obsessed kid (and pro Muni rider) Calvin just celebrated his birthday with possibly the most best cake ever. Mom Sonia presented him with this adorable mini Muni bus cake, complete with the 23-Monterey line sign and his name on the side. How awesome is this? The look on his face says it all.

Let’s take a close look at the edible version of the 23:

Once more, from the side.

Sonia tells us that the cake is by My Favorite Bite, and it was wholly approved by the birthday boy.

We’re just suckers for Muni-themed stuff, like this birthday party (with BART temporary tattoos!) and even this racing car from a couple of pretty cool Bernal dads.

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Man’s reaction to singing Muni driver is basically how we feel

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Being serenaded by your Muni driver is a rare treat, and this man’s reaction is exactly how we feel about it. From @chaselepard on Instagram:

The bus driver on the 23 was singing the names of the streets. It was a great way to end a hectic Friday.

Commenters who have also been on this driver’s bus made the story even cuter. @lifeinportola says:

The older lady passengers would sing “thaaaaank you!” to him as they left the bus, and he would reply… in song… “haaave a wooonderfuuul weeeeekend!”

Who can blame you for being utterly captivated by the singing driver? Riders have been trying to spot the white whale, recording the musical operator on the 27-Bryant, and again on the 71-Haight-Noriega (even SFGate is on it). If you spot your own singing Muni driver (or just your own Muni moment), tag us @munidiaries on Instagram or Twitter!

Muni Reroutes Due To Tsunami Warning

Beast Of Burden
Photo by Troy Holden

Due to the tsunami warning and closure of Great Highway, SFMTA rerouted the 18-46th Avenue and the 23-Monterey off of Great Highway at 8 a.m.. SFAppeal reports that the N-Judah and the L Taraval are also being rerouted at Sunset Blvd. (a shuttle will take you between Ocean Beach and Sunset). BART is running as usual. No word yet on when the 18 and the 23 will be back to their normal routes. Meanwhile, officials say you should stay off the beach because waves can last for hours, reports SFGate. On Twitter, @Emergency_In_SF reminds people to stay away from the beach and that the “best view will be live on TV.”

The SFAppeal has a live cam of Ocean Beach, which so far looks rather uneventful. Fingers crossed.

The tsunami warning came after the 8.9 earthquake that shook Japan yesterday. More coverage of the San Francisco tsunami warning:

  • Video: People flock to Ocean Beach San Francisco to watch tsunami (SF Examiner)
  • Tsunami warning closes local beaches, Great Highway (SFGate)
  • SF Tsunamiwatch: Video From Ocean Beach, BART Still Running, Muni Rerouted Away From Coast (SFAppeal)
  • Hour-by-hour watch on SFist on local tsunami warning (SFist)
  • Tsunami Warning in San Francisco; Beaches Closed (SF Weekly, which also updates that Santa Cruz has damaged boats)
  • California nuclear plants shut down as tsunami precaution (Reuters, which also updates that precautions are routine)

Thank you, friendly 23 driver, from awkward bike girl

Bikes On The Bus
Photo by Flickr user Pete Boyd

I just got my first ‘grown-up’ bike this week! In preparation for loading it on the bus, I watched a YouTube video on how to use the bike rack on Muni. I was set!

That is, until I didn’t place the hook over the wheel properly. Bumping over the St. Francis hills on Monterey boulevard, my bike almost fell off the rack. Thankfully, the driver stopped in time, and was really friendly and patient while I fought with the rusty wheel hook and put it properly in place.

I was so embarrassed, but the driver was so nice and encouraging, I felt a lot better about it.

I ended up on his bus on the way home a few hours later, and he told me to take my time to get it right this time around. I thanked him, but forgot to ask his name.

So, again, thanks friendly driver with the Muni beanie on the 23 route between 6:00 and 11:00pm on May 20, 2010. You made my evening!

– Laurel, the awkward bike girl