Missed Connection with Accordion Guy on Muni

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This accordion player’s furrowed brows and thoughtful face really intrigued us when @mike3k snapped his photo on Instagram. Then, proving that the Internet is not all bad and that people are still all right, our Instagram commenters soon revealed that this man is “accordion extraordinaire” ILhan Sadri.

We found ILhan and asked him about his Muni ride (and why the furrowed brows). He said:

That picture was taken on the 43 while on my way to UCSF hospital to visit a dear friend. He had just had major heart surgery and what looks like an unpleasant grimace on my face is actually the face of an intensely worried person! I thought marching into a hospital room wearing accordion would cheer him up. It worked.

Here’s ILhan playing “I Love the Nightlife.”

Photo by @mike3k

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