Try body-shaming someone on Muni and the whole bus will stand up for you


You know all the witty comebacks that you wish you could have said in an argument, ones that only become clear to you after it’s all over? Muni rider Cynthia Pollock doesn’t have that kind of FOMO. In fact, in this morning Muni fight, she said everything we wish we could say.

From Cynthia:

‪Morning Muni altercation. A woman said she thought it was hot on the bus, and this guy said maybe if you lose some weight you wouldn’t be so hot. A bunch of women sitting nearby said something, but I went off.

I wasn’t going to hear some body-shaming misogynistic asshole making someone feel bad. Not first thing in the morning. Not on Muni. And for damn sure not on one of my home lines.

I told the bus driver on him. Then he says, you probably voted for Hillary.

And then it was on.

I was like if you don’t like progressives you can take your effing Trump voting asshole self somewhere else. I screamed at him with everything I had until I got off at my stop.

And then, probably not my best final comment, but I ended with a triumphant “I hope you get kicked off the bus.” Because, transit nerd.

How’s that for no-FOMO argument? Cynthia was also a performer at the last Muni Diaries Live, where she and her husband Jeremy re-enacted their now-famous Muni crow incident. It looks like in addition to being the “crow lady on Muni,” Cynthia can now add “Not on my home line” to her title!

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Photo by @sarakking.

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