Rabbit on a leash waits for Muni

rabbit on muni

From the depths of Reddit comes this delightful street snap: A rabbit on a leash, complete with adorably snug harness, waiting for Muni at Powell station. Redditor Amg137 reports that the rabbit was “was amazingly chill considering how loud that station can be.” Perhaps those bunny ears cover some of the noise from the train?

rabbit on muni reddit amg137

Observe: floppy bunny ears and…is that front-paw foldage?

Shh, don’t tell the Muni rabbit this Boston rabbit rode the T with a bit more freedom:

boston transit rabbit

Photo via Boston Transit Police/Daily Mail UK

Hat tip to Amy Y. at Capp Street Crap and our sister in the Twitterverse, @BARTDiaries.

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