How do you take up personal space on public transit

Editor’s note 6/30/22: Rawiyah has updated their name and pronouns since we recorded this podcast in 2016. We’re reposting the updated blog post and old audio with their permission.

Storyteller Rawiyah Tariq has often experienced the invasion of personal space on public transit, but this one time they decided enough was enough, and they were going to take up the space they deserve.

Rawiyah is a Black, gender non-binary, fat, disabled and neurodivergent artist and kink aware professional. Their roots are in queer, poly-amorous, fat community. Their tone is reflective of these roots and their work is informed by how these intersect with their Blackness. Magic, massage, storytelling and performance art are tools they use to liberate, heal, and reclaim space for marginalized communities. They believe in cohesive and somatic healing and holding practices that align body, mind and spirit.

Rawiyah is 2022s Modern Witches’ Witch in Residence as well as the Queer Cat Productions 2022 artist grant recipient. You can also catch them in the films Fattitude and Heavenly Brown Bodies. Currently, they are living in the Bay Area while working on their book and their wellness and holding practice (A Sovereign Embodiment) where they provide ritual creation, divination, heart holding and coaching.

Read their first Muni Diaries entry involving a burrito as deterrent for pickup artists.

Listen to their story:

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