San Francisco Diaries: Check your assumptions in the checkout line

I can’t think of how many times I’ve thought of a witty comeback too late, especially when someone behaves badly in public. But have you ever imagined what it would be like if you actually said what you wanted to say in that moment? Storyteller Justina Wu shares a story of an encounter when she spoke her mind in the moment, with some surprising results.

Listen to her story:

Justina is a writer, storyteller, and producer of Beyond Borders Storytelling, a series of travel-themed workshops and story jams. Justina was on stage at Muni Diaries Live a few years ago (check out her first story in episode 12 on Apple Podcast or Google Play.) And mark your calendars for the next show on August 14 at PianoFight in the Tenderloin.

Featured photo by @saintsimonanu. Post photo by @roopisonfire.

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  • Rick Parkers

    I am shocked that people manage to behave badly on mass transit (sarcasm intended here)…and yes it has become progressively worse. Now, it is commonplace on the morning commute to see self entitled little millenials hog up priortiy seating while the elderly are made to stand. Some of these elderly people need canes, struggle to stand up for long period of time, etc…yet they have no option. Why? Because nobody is brave enough to stand up to self entitled millenial a-hole.
    Now, when i speak of these rude millenials i am not speaking of those older ones (i.e., born circa the1980s, as many of them are hard working techies and have done well for themselves).
    I am talking about those tail end millenials born circa late 90’s – early 2000s. These teenage punks have absolutley no clue about human decency. Maybe it is because they have not been raised right, are spoiled…who knows. But the little punk who was pretending to sleep with his head tilted back in priortiy seating really lit something in me. All while seniors stood and struggled to stay balanced on BART. Yet nobody said anything. That is the sad reality of our society…too afraid to speak about some little teenager might get upset. Time that people did indeed speak up, especially when someone is not behaving properly.

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