Meet the newest editors in the Muni Diaries crew

We are excited to introduce two awesome people who are joining the Muni Diaries crew to make this quirky diary of city living even more fun. If you are a part of the local Transit Twitter community, you are probably already familiar with their names: Kat Siegal and Sarah Katz-Hyman are joining the Muni Diaries Crew as our new editors! 

We’ve always admired Kat and Sarah’s deep knowledge of public transit, their local activism, and their love for this city. I feel so fortunate that as Muni Diaries grows into its teenage years, we are keeping the storytelling strong by adding two incredibly thoughtful (and witty) San Franciscans to the crew. 

Here’s more about Kat and Sarah, in their own words:

Kat Siegal: I’m thrilled to be joining the Muni Diaries team as a long-time Muni Diaries admirer, a daily Muni rider, and someone who deeply loves both public transit and San Francisco. I’m a member of the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) Citizen Advisory Committee, I volunteer with the San Francisco Transit Riders, and I’m on the board of the Market Street Railway nonprofit group. I’ve worked on transit-related projects ranging from the whimsical, like, to the advocacy-minded, like When I’m not on the bus or train you can find me biking around the city, strolling Slow Page Street and Car-Free JFK Drive, and repairing bikes at Scenic Routes Community Bicycle Center. I can’t wait to help share your Muni stories, San Francisco!

Sarah Katz-Hyman: I moved to San Francisco almost 6.5 years ago and have been running for the bus ever since. I came to appreciate public transportation by way of bicycle advocacy, and really the whimsical boat tram. Day to day I help communities improve their parks and public spaces. Many nights you can see me perform various comedic stylings around San Francisco. I enjoy a long city meander, a visit to Ocean Beach with my perfect dog (Whoofi) Goldberg via the N Judah, and espousing the superiority of Sister Act I & II as THE San Francisco films of record. I have a background in community-based activism, adult and youth education, non-profit development, public space research, and communications. I’m extremely excited to join the Muni Diaries crew to help shepherd this important, irreverent, and wonderful part of San Francisco culture.

Here are Sarah, Kat, and Sarah’s transit-riding dog (and Muni Diaries GM), (Whoofi) Goldberg.

We’ve always said that anything can happen on Muni. Even after more than 4,000 people have shared a story, a tweet, or a photo, from their public transit experiences, we know we haven’t seen it all.

Along with our cofounder Tara Ramroop and podcast producer Peter Clarke, our ragtag group of Muni riders will be adding even more stories, stirring up more conversation on Twitter and IG, giving the website a makeover, and looking for more only-in-SF tales from people like you.

Though family circumstances are moving me away from the Bay Area, I’ll be admiring the excellent work of this crew from afar and lending my craft “skills” to many future Haiku trophies to come. 

As always, we can’t do this without you! Keep your stories coming by tagging us @munidiaries on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or emailing us at And say hi to Kat and Sarah while you’re at it!

– Eugenia Chien, cofounder, Muni Diaries

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