#TBT: Muni skateboard deck honors hella SF legacies

My skate muscle memories are firing in all directions. I spotted this rad Muni-themed skate deck last week, and had one of those “so happy I live here” moments. I remembered, growing up skating in Texas, watching great videos of SF street skaters like Tommy Guerrero, doing their thing on the crazy hills, sidewalks, and driveways of that mystical city I would one day call home.

Over on Instagram, Mike Richardson posted the photo: “One of the original 36 Muni skate deck graphics before the #sfmuni C&D and subsequent graphic modifications. #tbt #flowlab #2002”. Wow.

I got in touch with Mike to try and learn more about what had to be a great story. Here’s what he had to say:

That skateboard deck you inquired about was a 36″ Flowboard that we used to make and ride in Potrero Hill about 12-13 years ago. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/dd/5b/fa/dd5bfa8efe4f88017b06cccca3fe9e4d.jpg

It had the Muni worm logo and we used to show them off to the Muni drivers who would drive us up the hills we rode down. At one point we got a letter from their legal department telling us to stop using the graphic so we modified the “muni” to read “flowlab” and printed that new version from then on. I can’t find an image of that board currently, but they come up on eBay once in a while.

Mike added:

You can read more details in this dated article:  http://research.omicsgroup.org/index.php/Flowboard (scroll down to Grassroots Activity)


Muni union: Stop spitting on us (literally)


If there ever were a story for the WTF category here at Muni Diaries, this is it.

The Examiner reports that the Muni workers union is calling attention the issue.

“Enough!” wrote Transit Workers Union Local 250-A President Eric D. Williams in a May 26 email blast to operators and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, calling out a rise in assaults on Muni operators, including a rise in spit directed at operators.

Williams also called on operators to stop their vehicle immediately when they are assaulted, and to take it “out of service.” This runs contrary to operators’ practice now, he said, which has been to wait until the end of the line to deal with an incident.

The SFMTA confirmed Wednesday that assaults on Muni operators are on the rise, though agency officials said rarely if ever are operators instructed to finish their routes after they are assaulted.

Spitting on the sidewalk is bad enough, you guys. But even if you have a beef with a bus driver, there are, uh, more civilized ways to take out your frustrations.

Read the Examiner post here.

Photo by stefan klocek

Muni app to get ‘Rate My Ride’ feature soon


SFMTA announced recently that its Muni Mobile transit ticketing app will get a new feature this summer: Users will be able to rate their Muni rides, providing the agency with feedback.

Here’s what SFMTA has to say about the new feature:

Rate My Ride will allow you to provide specific feedback about any Muni trip in seconds.With a simple click to the left or right, you can rate your trip time, vehicle conditions and even the etiquette of fellow riders.

From the graphic they provided (above), it looks like the app will be icon- and text-based. Probably smart. If they were to leave it open to riders writing their feedback, well, how big a can of worms or Pandora’s box would that be?

Also, I’m 12, sure. But this all immediately reminded me of Rate My Poo, which, to my amazement, is still around.

Anyway, good luck collecting the feedback, Muni!

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