BART engages LA Metro in Twitter haiku battle

Oh shit, pop the popcorn, you guys! Here it all is, in the order in which it transpired.



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Muni bus as Pinewood Derby car is errything

You guys just can’t stop with the Muni <3, can you?

WonderlandSF sells these bad boys, and says they still have some available. My birthday is right around the corner, you know?

Here’s a video of the pinewood derby cars racing at the Wonderland store. Wonderland is on 1266 Valencia between 24th and 23rd, so you can go and check it out for yourself.

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There will be no more paper Muni transfers in the near future


First, they came for our paper Fast Passes, and we did nothing. Well, we did things*

Now, they’re coming for our paper Muni transfers! We will not stand for this! (But, of course, we will stand for this). SFBay has the story:

The current fareboxes, which date back to 1991, will be replaced with machines that can print real-time passes as soon as Muni riders pay their fare. As reported by SFBay, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has been shopping through proposals from potential contractors since last year.

San Franciscans have been making things out of the transfers for years. And the more crafty among us have been splicing and dicing transfers to squeeze a little more time out of the suckers.

Good times, they end. [sad face]

Read the full story on SFBay and cry in your soup with us.

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Photo above by David

This is not the type of car Muni imagined for its tunnels


Well, well. Lookee there, wouldya? Muni rider Reece floated this one over to us via Here’s Reece:

I was waiting for the N with my pup when a woman suddenly zooms into the Muni tunnel. ~10 minutes later, we see her trying to back out (she was stuck), with an inbound N hot on her heels. It took a good 5 minutes (and lots of yelling from the Muni workers) before she freed herself.

The rivalry between Muni and automobiles continues …

Bus driver loves driving the bus so much, she got a rad tattoo


From the “I Wish I Loved My Job That Much” files comes the story of a Minneapolis bus driver who freaking loves the eff out of her job.

The Star Tribune has more about Angi Stevens, a five-year veteran Metro Transit transit driver:

“It’s been a hit,” said Stevens, 29, of Minneapolis. “Some people think I’m crazy. Others think it’s cool. Many people talk about it. I look down at this and say this is what I do and I’m really good at it.”

Stevens won Minneapolis’ bus “roadeo” (Muni started doing this again recently, btwโ€”see here). The former bartender got the tattoo to celebrate her fifth anniversary driving the bus in Minneapolis. The whole Star Tribune story about Stevens is worth a read.

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