Clickhole: ‘6 Words Of Encouragement That Helped Me Stop Bringing My Own Chair On The Bus’


Over on Clickhole today, there’s a post that struck a chord. From 6 Words Of Encouragement That Helped Me Stop Bringing My Own Chair On The Bus:

I used to bring my own folding chair on the bus, but now I don’t, and I owe it all to the good-hearted people who reassured me that it was okay not to bring a chair.

The thing that really stands out here is that, over the years, we’ve seen a fair number of chair-wielding Muni passengers.

To whit:
Strange Cargo on Muni: Wooden-Chair-Sitting Crooner (above)
Swivel chair swivels on Muni
A new-new BART seat appears on trains

The question is: After reading the inspirational post on Clickhole, will you all be able to quit bringing your own chairs on Muni and BART? Only time will tell.

Video: Wonder Dave shares transit sex stories you could try at home

Last month, Muni Diaries Live audience members were delighted by Wonder Dave‘s various tales of his sex life as it has intersected Muni and BART life. Perhaps these are “do try this at home” types of stories? You decide.

You can see more of Wonder Dave’s storytelling and emceeing skills at Seduction Feroce and Tourettes Without Regrets. This story was told at Muni Diaries Live on April 16, 2016. If you missed the show, check out storytellers Chris O and Mandy Hu‘s videos! We’re always looking for your slice of life in San Francisco, so if you have a story to tell or know a great storyteller, email us at

SFMTA employee on leave after flipping out and using the N-word on camera

Oh, man. Just horrible. This SFMTA employee has been put on leave after flipping out over losing a parking spot and then using the N word on camera. The video was taken by the friend of the woman who was trying to park downtown when the Muni operator in uniform rolled up in his car:

Racist, ignorant, Muni bus driver gets mad at me for taking an open parking spot!! This happened today, May 9, 2016, next to the SF Muni: Kirkland Division, on Powell st. I am reporting this to the SFMTA HR department and posting it on KRON4 news website. People like this make me sick!

The SFMTA worker in uniform called her the N word, to which she replied, “What?” The man repeats the slur, and Mayra told him that she is not even black. He says, “Doesn’t matter, it’s a mentality.”

KTVU has the follow-up story of SFMTA placing the employee (not certain that he’s a driver) on leave. Shortly after that report, the SF Examiner says that they’re moving to fire the dude.

I can’t even …

h/t Shaun

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