Muni’s Magical Kingdom

*Photo: echoes71

100 Muni StoriesUr doing it rong if you don’t find something interesting to look at on Muni. There are even points of interest for the most magical niches:

Muni easily reaches lvl 90 when it comes to people-watching, that’s for damn sure.

*Note: I picked this photo because it says Balbo, a very “hobbity” alternative to Balboa, indeed.

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Muni: Crush Laboratory

Photo by aloneinthismadhouse

100 Muni StoriesWe’ve seen our share of so-called bus crushes over the years. They can happen on any line, at any time of day, to just about anybody.

Recently, Maurissa experienced one:

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Montgomery Station String Quartet Plays ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

Photo by Earthman

100 Muni StoriesMuni station diaries are a cousin of Muni diaries. Not quite the same when you’re stationary. But things. They happen. And they happen underground.

Witness @fizzylex‘s retelling in this tweet:

“There is a string quartet at Montgomery Station playing Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Wonder which instrument played “Scaramouche! Scaramouche! Will you do the Fandango?!”

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Next-Level Eavesdropping on Muni

Photo by Robert B. Livingston

100 Muni Stories

Being nosy while riding public transit in San Francisco requires new levels of skills, as evidenced by this tweet observation.

@scenechangego: Accidentally eavesdropping in 4 languages #sfmuni #californian #100MuniStories

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The Uneventful Muni Ride

Photo by Abe Bingham

100 Muni StoriesThis tweet made me think of public transit planners, the people who ostensibly want a system of vehicles going from various Points A to B without much happening in between. Yeah, right.

@PickUpABook: Nothing eventful happened on my commute today. With muni, sometimes that’s the best you can hope for

We hear you. Although there are some experiences we hope for.

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Ready-for-Primetime Muni Driver Sings the Connecting Lines

Photo: The Holy Hand Grenade

100 Muni StoriesA Broadway-ready Muni driver gets creative with the announcements:

@bhautikj: The driver on the 27-Bryant is theatrically singing the names of connecting lines. Awesome!

Is it the same singing Muni driver from last year? When he’s bigtime famous, we can say we knew him when.

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