Canadian group: Crackdown on ‘manspreading’ is nuts




As these signs from Japan, New York, and Paris (top to bottom) obviously prove, there’s a global war on sitting with your legs wide open on mass transit. But never fear, beleaguered manspreaders, some brave foot soldiers have joined the fight against intolerance.

In Canada, a group called the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) has started a petition to fight the Toronto Transit Commission’s efforts to convince passengers to shut their legs. Not only is the term manspreading sexist, the group notes, but efforts to prevent it can be harmful. From the petition:

This sets a very bad precedent as men opening their legs is something we have to do due to our biology. It sometimes can be physically painful for to close our legs and we can’t be expected to do so. We can’t force woman to stop breast feeding on busses or trains and we can’t force men or women to stop bringing strollers on, why should we force men to close their legs?

As of this morning, 1,777 people had signed the petition. Nearly all of those people were (and this is just a guess on our part) the same ones who say blue balls is a serious medical condition, and one therefore has to sex at that point or you’ll, like, die.

We’ve followed this phenomenon closely because we are no stranger to it here in ballsy San Francisco. Revisit some of our most egregious examples of Muni manspreading (also mansitting) and the shaming thereof.

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Images via @GammaCounter, The New York Times, and News on Japan

When Santa’s sleigh breaks down, he takes Muni

Muni Miscellaneous


Via SFist, SFMTA’s Moving SF blog tells us how, back in 1973, at the height of the Age of Vehicular Breakdowns, jolly St. Nick hitched a ride on a Muni bus. Because of course he did.

“Everyone has seen something odd on a Muni bus, but I’d almost guarantee that no one reading this blog has ever seen this one! The 1973 winter holiday season brought some pretty unusual passengers onto Muni for the opening of the “International Christmas Faire” at the Civic Center Audtiorium.

“Santa, Mrs. Claus and two of their magical reindeer, Donder and Blitzen (more about their names here) all took Muni to the Faire, much to the enjoyment and fascination of the crowd of children who turned out to visit with the Clauses.”

Read more at Moving SF. And merry Christmas, errybody!

Inflatable pool and palm on Muni ISO a beach


Looks like *checks weather page* it might actually *checks weather page* not rain today *checks weather page*. Yep. Maybe a sprinkle, but does that really count?

Perhaps that was what this Muni rider was thinking, or wishfully thinking, carrying her inflatable pool and inflatable palm tree to that manufactured beach in … Glen Park?

In any case, fellow rider Anthony reports: “Inflatable palm tree on the OB J- Church? Where the hell is she going to? A pool party? Idk?”

The Muni “Golden” Seat

Serene Lusano

Artist Serene Lusano doodles on the bus and has identified the “golden seat” for people like her. This ideal seat is the “least visible to looky-loos” and has “less [sic] chances of ‘elbow disruption’ from fellow public transit riders.”

When I saw where Serene’s “golden seat” is, I realized that that actually is the seat I most prefer. What do you think is the best seat on the bus? (aside from “the one that’s not next to someone with body odor problems?”)

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