Muni rider arrested for lighting passenger’s hair on fire


Police arrested a Muni rider for setting a woman’s hair on fire on the bus, reports SFist. A new nightmare for those of us with long (flammable?) hair, the suspect got onto the bus near Eighth and Market, reports SFist, and here’s what happened:

Police say that a 37-year-old man who was seated behind the victim pulled out a lighter and set the victim’s hair on fire, then fled the scene. He was later located, police say, and was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault.

The victim was not injured (physically, that is).

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Woman tasers creeper on Muni

muni reflection torbakhopper

Rider Katie Martin witnessed this jaw-dropping incident on Muni the other day. She took to Facebook with her story:

SOME WOMAN JUST TASERED THIS SACK OF HUMAN GARBAGE WHO WAS SEXUALLY HARASSING HER ON THE BUS AND I AM ROLLING!!! I literally laughed/cackled aloud. I’m worried for my soul. #thisisthebestday #myhero #notjusthello #pussygrabsback


Cold as ice, she just got up at her stop and stepped over his prone, twitching body and bounced. Several of us looked at each other like, “I dunno, should we help him?” And then collectively decided, “Nah” and returned to our phones.

Wow. Just…wow. A little internet research reveals that it is actually mostly legal to carry tasers in California. But if you don’t have one handy, a burrito makes a perfect weapon or comeback.

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Photo by @Torbakhopper

Muni Fiction: An Adventure on the 48-Quintara

18 quintara muni by sfmuni

Lately, I’ve been inspired by today’s young people. One example: After all the gloom of last Friday, I went to see a high school play all about protest. It was incredibly uplifting to see these kids getting passionate and active about whatever cause inspires them.

Later that day, we got a submission from Stella, a self-proclaimed 8th grader. “Hi. I have commuted to James Lick Middle School on the 48 for 3 years. This is a short story I wrote about a fictional middle schooler riding the bus.” The theme of awesome youngsters continues for me.

Here is Stella’s story. More of this, please!

“48” (PDF)

11 Most WTF Muni Moments of 2016


Yes, the entire year of 2016 can be filed under WTF, and some of the tiny “is this really happening” moments happened on our quirky little Muni world. Let’s count the ways.

11. See above: Bad ass toast eater! I mean, how do YOU butter your bread?

10. That one time when a street bird got stuck on the bus and made its way to Twitter fame (and turned into a hilarious on-stage performance at Muni Diaries Live!)

9. Safe sex on the go. And p.s. here’s why you should never touch anything on the bus.

8. Well, safety third.

7. Unz unz unz…were you at the Muni stop rave?

6. Why public transit is necessary.

5. Again, filed under “You had ONE job.”

4. What is wrong with this picture? Oh hai J-Church making a right onto Market Street. Ooops.

3. Attention: goat on Muni!
goat on muni diaries by jason braatz

2. Don’t mistake this mini bottle for your hand sanitizer. That would be a pretty bad idea.

1. Ladies only sit with their legs crossed, you know.
dog sitting perfect muni diaries by thrifteye

And bonus extra credit on BART because 2016: a little video from Reddit.

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