In Soviet Russia, Dogs Ride Metro!

Photo: AlphaTangoBravo/Adam Baker

As incredible as it may seem, the Moscow Metro is home to some 500 stray dogs, a number of which have taken to commuting by subway. Perhaps based on smell, the dogs appear to know which stations to exit from, and they’ve been known to wait patiently as trains pull up and the doors open. If only some Muni riders were that well trained, right?

The (non-human) animals on Muni are a very well-behaved lot, we’ve found. Never seen a dog on Muni? There are dogs on Muni.

Urban Camo Man Takes Muni

Yesterday was a rough one on Muni. A man whose leg was cut off in a collision with Muni at Civic Center later died from injuries. A system shutdown ensued, and delays rippled throughout the day.

On the other hand, there was this guy and his four-leggers. As @girlinchucks says, “So, um, there is a man on the F Market dressed up like his dogs. What an eff’d up day for Muni. Just sayin’.”

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