Weekend Photos: Just in time for rainy season?

Cable Car in the Rain
Photo by Thomas Hawk

Well, well. The weather went and turned November-like on us, didn’t it?

Here’s some happy thoughts to carry into this weekend:

But on to happier (if wetter times) we go. Here’s a photo that came to us after our Halloween 2009 Muni photo roundup.


About this photo, Lucia has this to say:

Apparently no one who snapped photos of this Muni rolling around Mission, Valencia, and Guerrero between 24th &17th sent them in. We parked it on the plaza in Dolores for a miniMuni dance party. And then I broke my ankle, which is pretty much unrelated, but hence the delay in sending this.

And here are some remarkable photos that showed up in our Muni Photos Flickr group recently.

The Daily Ritual
Photo by Troy Holden

Photo by Flickr user bingolio

The in-between.

Photo by tangobaby

BART Bucket Head


This photo was shot well before Halloween, but that mere fact doesn’t stop some people. BART rider Kath, who sent it to us, has the following to say:

Hey guys, taking a break from my usual Muni submissions to forward the attached picture I just received from my co-worker. I give you: BART Bucket Head!

Perhaps chicken bucket as an effective means for masking the typical BART car odor?

Muni Diaries Live! Under the Influence at the Make-Out Room 10.30.09

Yes, we’re at it again, getting our spoken-word party on at the Make-Out Room on Friday, Oct. 30! If you joined us for our first party, you know that Muni Diaries is best enjoyed with a live audience, under the influence of the fine libations at the Make-Out Room.

Last time we sang along to a Muni sea shanty, re-enacted some cringe-worthy moments on the bus, and manned hand puppets for your entertainment (by the way, who kept that penis puppet?). This time we aim to have just as much spoken-word fun and even throw in some live music inspired by our transit system. And we’ll have more seats and hope for a cooler climate this time around.

This party will be happening on the day before Halloween, so don’t be shy if you want to come dressed in your best duds — extra credit for transit-related costumes!

So, if you’ve got a Muni or BART tale (yep, BART counts this time, too) to share, or music, art, photography, or video inspired by Muni or BART and would like to join the lineup, email us asap.

Muni Diaries Live! Under the Influence

Friday, October 30, 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. No cover!

Make-Out Room — 3225 22nd Street
Routes serving the area: BART 24th St. Station, 12, 14, 22, 26, 33, 48, 49, 67
Email us to join the lineup: muni.diaries.sf@gmail.com
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wisdom on the 49

I was on a 49-Van Ness yesterday evening, as the results for several East Coast states were coming in and Election Day was gearing up for the good stuff.

First, I listened to a man chatting with someone on the phone, who gave the most recent play-by-play results he had been watching for all day. He then demanded a free lunch if Obama reached 350 electoral votes. Results right now (9 a.m. on Thursday) show he’s at 349, with no major network yet calling North Carolina for the president-elect.

Then two boys got on with their moms. They were buddies, clearly, talking about school and their Halloween costumes, particularly which Halloween superstore had the best Batman costume.

Boy 1 was Hispanic, and said he lives wayyy down the 49, meaning he probably lives in the Excelsior, or somewhere else near City College on the south side of town. He had a few things to say about Tuesday’s election.

Boy 1: Everyone gets to vote today. Where are you from?

Boy 2: Los Angeles.

Boy 1: Oh. That’s near Mexico, right?

Boy 2: Yeah, kind of.

Boy 1: Well, I’m from Mexico, and McCain wants us to leave. He wants all the Mexicans to leave and go back to Mexico. But Obama wants us to stay.

Make of it what you will.

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