Another friendly Muni driver-honker

Photo by Ian Fisher

They teach us in driving school that car horns are only to be used in emergency situations, not as a catch-all communication device. But until telepathy rules the day, that ain’t happening. No, it’s all in how you use your vehicle’s tooter. Muni rider TransitMan found one bus driver who sounds like a master.

I was riding the 1-California outbound on a weekday and came across a honk-happy driver. This driver’s honks weren’t rude but just two light taps.
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Lost on Muni: Wallet, computer, blue teddy bear


We’re sorry for this Muni rider’s loss. But at least they’ve got their prioritehs straight.

LOST!!! Grey Osprey backpack containing a red wallet, Samsung computer, journal, other person items, and a BLUE TEDDY BEAR.

I lost this backpack between 6 and 6:30pm on Tuesday, September 24th somewhere along the 1 bus route between Lower Pacific Heights (Sacramento/Fillmore) and the Richmond District (California/the Avenues)

Please, if you have found this backpack or any of the items in it (especially the blue teddy bear), please call me at ———-

Thank you so much, neighbor!”

Via Fionna.

“Secret Agent” on the 1-California

Photo by adametrnal

Muni rider Nick C has a report of international security concerns on the 1-California:

One morning on the 1-California, heading inbound to downtown, a woman who thought she was some kind of secret agent boarded the bus. Two other women, one with a thick Russian accent and the other with a Chinese accent (who I assume were coworkers) were talking about something related their job. Ms. “Secret Agent” was starting to get nervous so she took out a toy walkie talkie and called in for some “backup.” She said, “We’re in need here of a Chinese and Russian assessment.” Whatever that means. Either she’s nuts or Muni is really starting to beef up their security.

See something, say something. Especially if it’s your job.

Muni Adbusters Redux: Gap Is Lucky No. 7

Just when we thought it was safe to, once again, be bored silly by bus ads, the Muni adbusters have returned. I think this is the seventh installment.

Rider Jeff sent us the pic, saying he saw this Gap spoof on a 1-California on Monday. How many of Jeff’s fellow riders just left Gap with bags of new underwear, we wonder?

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, these so-called Muni adbusters were spoofing popular ads and local businesses back in May. The effort has been lambasted by some for its 12-year-old-boy humor, but with faux brand names like Cum Tums and Fartine, I have no idea why. None at all.

More Muni adbusting here.

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