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At Muni Diaries HQ, we like to say that Muni is our collective living room because it is such a constant part of our every day. Though some things are better done in your actual living room, not everyone got the memo. Rider Dave sent us a story of one such example involving a useful hand mirror.

From Dave:

The Scene: the 14 just past 16th/Mission headed downtown.

A little old lady gets on the bus and sits down next to me. I am minding my own business reading a book on my phone. Every now and then I notice a slight flash to my left. I glance over and see she’s holding a small hand-mirror. I figure she’s putting on her make-up or something,… whatever.

The flashing keeps happing and I look over again and saw that she’d hiked up her dress, wasn’t wearing any underwear and the flashing (so to speak) was her periodically using the mirror to examine her private bits. I felt simultaneously like my breakfast was going to come up, and so relieved that my life is not nearly as messed up as what I was witnessing.

I figure the rest of my day will probably pretty tame, no matter what.

In her defense, haven’t you sometimes really needed to know if you have spinach stuck between your teeth, whether that awful zip popped, or whatever? Resist the urge, everyone. It can most likely wait!

Photo by our own Tara Ramroop.

Muni bus as Pinewood Derby car is errything

You guys just can’t stop with the Muni <3, can you?

WonderlandSF sells these bad boys, and says they still have some available. My birthday is right around the corner, you know?

Here’s a video of the pinewood derby cars racing at the Wonderland store. Wonderland is on 1266 Valencia between 24th and 23rd, so you can go and check it out for yourself.

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Friends surprise new Muni operator with super-custom cake


Philip just passed his class B license test for Muni, and his wife and friends surprised him with this custom Muni cake. The 14-Mission looks pretty good in fondant, and who knows what stories lie beneath those tinted frosting windows!

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Photo from @ats_philthy

I was riding the 14-Mission during Loma Prieta

loma prieta earthquake. by joe lewis
Photo by Joe Lewis

Of all the days you could get on the wrong bus, Karla Milosevich accidentally got on an express on Oct. 17, 1989, the day that the big one hit. Today is the 25th anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake, and the website Earthquake Weather has been gathering stories about the quake. Here’s Karla’s:

I was working a temp job on the 12th floor of a downtown office on Spear Street, and had just gotten off work. I caught the 14 Mission bus to go to the café on Valencia Street where my sister worked, but accidentally boarded the express one, which was headed towards Daly City. I couldn’t get off before the freeway so I was standing in the crowded bus, holding the rail over my head, looking out the window and lamenting how much longer it was going to take me to get home.

We were stopped, waiting for a light, and then the bus kind of rolled and it sounded like metal on metal, I figured we were having an accident on the side I couldn’t see. It seemed like a car was scraping against the bus. But then I could also see a guy who had been asleep in his car– he woke up and was all startled. I was wondering about the connection because his car wasn’t touching the bus, then people started saying “Earthquake”, “That was an earthquake!”

We sat there for a few minutes, then got on the freeway anyway, business as usual. I got off as soon as I could, in the way outer Mission. Around then, all the buses stopped running, so there was no way to get back. This was before cell phones, so I started walking to the Mission. As it happened, this guy I know, Dave Cohen, happened to be driving by and gave me a ride home. That was pretty lucky! That’s when I started to hear about how much damage there was.

Were you on Muni during the ’89 earthquake? Tell your story to 1989Quake.com.

Hella cosmetics on the 14-Mission


Muni rider Daisy saw something, said something. Here’s what she saw, said:

I was taking the 14 to downtown and saw this man pulling hundreds of freshly stolen cosmetic items out of every pocket, cuff, sleeve, pant leg, etc. and putting them in a large green duffle bag. From the packaging, it looked like he had stolen from Walgreens… maybe in the Excelsior where I got on? After watching for several minutes, I walked up to the driver and told him that I wanted to report suspicious activity but the driver ignored me and acted like he didn’t know what I was saying. I even pointed the guy out to the driver and he acted like he couldn’t do anything about it. Doesn’t Muni have an announcement every fucking minute to report any suspicious or dangerous activity???

Yes, Daisy, they do. You done right.

Think twice next time you buy your mascara on the streets, guys.

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