Sal Castaneda’s ‘Bad-Ass’ Muni Moment

We knew we had a treasure on our hands when Sal agreed to tell a story on stage at Muni Diaries Live last month. Today, we’re bringing Sal’s performance to the internets. Delight in hearing your KTVU traffic reporter sprinkle his tale of attempted (and imagined) bravado on the 44 with profanities. Safe work with headphones.

Thanks, Sal!

Winner of Endanger Bus Photo Contest

Photo by J. Fred Decker

We’re honored to announce the winner of the Endanger Bus photo contest: J. Fred Decker, whose winning photo is featured in this post! The competition was judged by Cheryl Haines of Haines Gallery; the winning photograph will be printed in the summer issue of Bay Nature magazine. Congratulations!

A little more information about the photo from the photographer:

I’m excessively enthusiastic about geolocation apps on my trusty iPhone and the real time mapping of endangered bus locations (and tracking paths) spoke great coolness into my fevered brains.

I noticed the Mission Blue bus just had to be the wonderfully-routed 44 O’Shaughnessy and would therefore pass through two of my most favorite places: Golden Gate Park and Glen Canyon, each replete with gobs of urbanized nature in various states.

Even better, I had just been up atop Glen Canyon volunteering to remove invasive plants in a CNPS (Cal. Native Plant Soc.-Yerba Buena Chapter) Wednesday Work Party.

Coincidences? You be the judge.

So I lay in wait first in the park and then along O’Shaughnessy below the area where, just days before, I was roaming about removing invasive plants and making new floral acquaintances…

So, the “44 Mission Blue” was captured in habitat that might someday host the original Mission Blue’s!

The second place winner is Karen Schneeman, who will receive a pair of tickets to the San Francisco Zoo and two $10 Clipper cards. Four random winners were also chosen to receive a $10 Clipper card. The lucky four: Kristen Hopper, Robert Goins, Mike Collins, and Andrew Sawadisavi.

We received many great submissions for this contest. It was exciting to see the results of chasing after a bus that looks like a Mission Blue butterfly, a brown pelican, or a school of salmon swimming past your bus stop. Congratulations again to the winners.

Teens Off-Board 44-O’Shaughnessy, Shooting Ensues

Muni rider Tony sent us these photos of this morning’s shooting. Some teenagers allegedly got off a 44-O’Shaughnessy and shot an 18-year-old (possibly 17) man.

Tony says:

I was on the 24 which had to turn around bc of “police activity”. Woman next to me was an aunt of the victim. Said he was just 17 and was shot because he refused to move his bag when asked. They waited for him to get off the bus and the started shooting him. She said he was shot 10 times.

SF Appeal has more on the story.

Someone Spilled the Beans on the 44-O’Shaughnessy

The 44 O'Pinto Beans
Photo by moppet65535

Devin’s got the details:

Someone (or quite a few someones) had gotten open a multi-pound bag of food bank dry pinto beans on the 44, and distributed them vigorously around the bus. Several rows of seats had neat piles of beans, and the floor was liberally decorated pretty much the length of the bus.

A woman who got on several stops after us was pacing the length of the bus, taking tons of pictures with her blackberry and talking disgustedly about the scene. I was a bit nonplussed. It’s Muni. They’re dry beans. You can push them off the seat and it’ll take five minutes to sweep up at the yard. In the meantime you get to fantasize about the scenario which led to the beans getting there. Stuff happens on the bus, y’know?

We know. Strange tales of the 44-O’Shaughnessy continue …

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