SFWeekly: Teen Shot on Muni in Broad Daylight

A teenager was shot while riding the bus through Visitacion Valley, SFWeekly‘s Erin Sherbert reports.

At about 1:40 p.m., the shooter boarded the Muni bus and walked to the back of the coach where the 17-year-old victim was sitting. The suspect pulled out a handgun and shot the boy in the chest multiple times, according to police.

The shooter quickly hopped off the bus, and fled on foot. The victim was taken to San Francisco General Hospital where he is suffering life-threatening injuries, said Officer Albie Esparza.

KTVU reports that the victim was shot as he was exiting the bus:

Witnesses told police the suspect got on a Muni 9-San Bruno bus and got into a verbal confrontation with the victim, who was riding the bus at the time, [police spokesman Officer Carlos] Manfredi said.

Then, as the victim exited the rear of the bus, the suspect opened fire from the bottom step of the rear bus doors and then ran away. He was last seen running north on Garrison Avenue, according to Manfredi.

Muni officials handed over the video surveillance footage to the SFPD – the gang taskforce will be reviewing the footage, KTVU reports. If you have a tip for the SFPD about this shooting, the SFPD tip line is 575-4444.

Weekend photos: Damn Muni can’t drive itself

At 20th - The 22 - #463
Photo by eviloars

Here we are, another Friday afternoon. That can mean only one thing: Time to revisit some of the more important goings-on of the week that ends in three, two, one …

  • We never did hear a follow-up, so we assume the woman hit by a 9-San Bruno on Tuesday is okay. She was sent to the hospital where she was treated and put in critical condition. Video of the incident was released a few days later.
  • On the lighter side of things, after some frivolous twitter-twatter (heehee), SFist went public with a contest to get a new slogan for Muni. If you haven’t weighed in yet, now’s your chance.
  • We did our best to get a report out on this week’s MTA townhall meetings to discuss upcoming service cuts and fare hikes. The next day, Streetsblog SF brought up a great point many people seemingly forgot about: bus stop consolidation.
  • Thursday evening’s commute on Muni Metro got interesting when the pantograph on an L-Taraval busted way out at 36th and Taraval, knocking over the dominoes that crippled the entire Metro system. It wudn’t purty.
  • MTA announced that it is rescheduling its next board meeting (to consider the latest budget proposal) from Feb. 16 to Feb. 26. Mark that date, and come let the board know how you feel the service cuts and fare hikes will affect you.

Okay, take a deep breath, let the magic take over and whisk you away to a more Zen-like weekend. See you Monday er, Tuesday. Which reminds us: Muni will run on a Saturday schedule on Monday, aka, tall, dead white guys’ day.

F Streetcar
Photo by tbridge

#1076 rolling down Market
Photo by brad.coy

The Watchers
Photo by Nick.Fisher

Life-threatening injuries in Muni-pedestrian incident (update)

Update (4:55 p.m.) From MTA:

Final Update

As of 4:17 p.m., the scene below has cleared and all Muni buses have returned to their regular routes.

According to San Francisco General Hospital, the pedestrian is in critical condition.

Per normal procedure, the Muni Operator (hired in 2000) involved in the accident has been placed on non-driving status and will be tested for drugs and alcohol.

The investigation by the San Francisco Police Department and the SFMTA is ongoing.

Original post: This just received from MTA:

Muni Service Alert

As of 1:41 p.m., an accident between an outbound (southbound) 9 San Bruno Muni bus and a pedestrian on San Bruno Avenue at Burrows Street is causing the following Muni buses to be re-routed around the accident scene:

9 San Bruno
9L San Bruno Limited
8X Bayshore Express
8AX Bayshore Express

The injuries to the female pedestrian are described as life-threatening by the San Francisco Fire Department.

The San Francisco Police Department and the SFMTA are investigating the accident.

We’ll get updates in here as soon as we receive them.

Snakes on the 9!

From the Muni Diaries submissions inbox:

This actually happened in 2001, but this I just heard about this site today so….

New years eve 2001/2002, I decided to go to one of those giant raves they used to have at the Cow Palace. I lived downtown, so took the 9 out to the Cow Palace. The trip there and the party were uneventful, but ride home was surreal.

A few stops down the line a guy gets on and sits down near me. He was a big ripped dude, probably 6’6″ 250lbs. He was wearing what looked like a prisoner jumpsuit, and had a cast on his arm. He was sweating like crazy and his eyes were bugging out of his skull.

He was sitting across from me near the back of the bus. He kept twitching and muttering under his breath, standing up then sitting right back down. The only word i could make out was “snakes”. Before long he started asking people if they have seen the snakes on the bus. Of course, nobody had, and this just starts to agitate him.

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Most epic 9X commute EVER

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicThis happened to me about a week ago. I was running late for work so I hopped on to the last 9X running before it switched to a BX/AX. We were doing fine until the bus started to stall on the 101 going north, then it stopped! From there on we went coasting down the exit with our engine off.

We finally got to the stop after the 101 when the bus driver decided to try to turn the bus on. It worked for a few seconds, then it died on us. So everyone had to get out and wait for the next bus, mind you I was running very late so this was not good to me, But luckily, another 9X arrived a few minutes later, so everyone hopped on this bus and I proceeded to go to the back. I found a seat in the rear of the bus, so I sat down only to find out that the girl in front of me was throwing up. Somehow she got her boyfriend to open the emergency window so she could puke out the window as the bus was going. I’m afraid to say she didn’t always make it outside the window. After moving a few seats away from them, I noticed that the floor had a liquid that was coming from the girl’s direction, Not knowing what it was I just kept my feet up. Eventually they got off and everyone avoided the area. I’m not sure what the Muni driver did about clean up, but every time I hop on the rear of a Muni bus, I look out to see if that seat is the one she threw up on.

More photos after the jump:

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