Muni Diaries Anniversary Favorite: Don’t piss off the Pregnant Lady

Tara’s favorite diary got quite a response in the comments. We’re not taking sides, of course, and we do love a spirited debate about bus behavior: “I actually really like the pregnant-lady-trips-girl for a few reasons. It (along with a lot of our ‘what should you do in this situation?’ kind of Seinfeldian posts) generated a lot of debate on what we as non-pregnant, non-disabled people have the responsibility to do on public transit. Also, it’s just plain hilarious to picture a pregnant lady shifting from passive-aggressive to aggressive-aggressive because of some kid.” Visit the site tomorrow to read Jenny’s favorite diary as we wind down toward our first birthday Friday.

Tripping Hazard

Don’t piss off the pregnant lady (originally posted February 19, 2009)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pregnancy is making me mean

Today the muni was crowded. I had to wait forever for the L. I had the smarts to take whatever train to West P. and then wait for the L so most of the train ride wasn’t so bad. However, when I got on the L it was super crowded. I unbuttoned my jacket, stuck my pregnant belly out as far as I could and no one gave me a seat. In fact, most of the other Sunset residents on the train closed their eyes and pretended I wasn’t there.

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Muni Diaries Anniversary Favorite: Livin’ the dream, for at least one night

Muni Diaries is gearing up to celebrate our first anniversary this Friday. What started out as an idea at SF State has grown into a community of lively transit tales and spirited discussion of our beloved bus system. Below is the first of a series that looks back at our favorite diaries over the last year. Today’s favorite diary was chosen by Jeff: “I love this post because it’s the ultimate tale to be envious of. A lot of us dream of doing the most extraordinary of ordinary things, like driving a cab in NYC or a bus in San Francisco. Tony was fortunate enough to take a stab a that ‘dream,’ and he tells the story like a true master storyteller.” Check back tomorrow for Eugenia’s favorite diary.


Livin’ the dream, for at least one night (originally posted on July 31, 2008)

When I was kid growing up in this burg, I never wanted to be cowboy. I didn’t want to be an astronaut, either, or even a rock star. I kind of wanted to be a baseball player and I was a pretty good pitcher, but not that good. Anyway, what I really wanted to be was a Muni driver.

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