A new type of crime on Muni?

Church street station
Photo by kurafire

Brian sends the following dispatch:

Just a quick note about a new (or new to me?) type of crime on Muni.

I was coming from from downtown yesterday on an M. I got off at the Church Station and started walking towards the back of the train on the platform when I noticed a guy standing on the edge of the platform very near the back of the train.. it almost looked like he was trying to hang on to the back or something. But then when I got closer I realized he was trying to open the window to the operator’s compartment on the back of the train. He succeeded in opening it and stuck his head and the upper part of his body in.. then he came out later with a few items.. possibly the stack of transfers and something else? He was definitely NOT a MUNI employee. Afterwards he just sort of walked away, nonchalant like nothing happened. I think most of the other people on the platform were confused like me.. thinking, “Wait, did that guy just break into a active train?”

We’re checking with SFMTA and SFPD about whether this has been reported. Stay tuned.

Have you seen anything like this?

Watch Your Arm on Muni!

Muni at Church
Photo by Flickr user Joey.Parsons

Rider Fannie saw a scary incident this morning at Church station:

Around 8:45 a.m. I got on a train that was quite full, after waiting for three full trains to pass by at peak rush hour. Then, this chick got her arm stuck in the door. Like in the sliding track…her left arm and elbow. I watched her scream with hysteria. Originally, she’d been very busy trying to cram on to the very full train, and getting angry. I would have helped her, but there were more than three people already trying to do so.

Somehow, they got her arm out. She had a pretty big bruise on the bone of her elbow…She was distraught (and I would be too).

They made us get off. (As in, empty out the entire two car train)

And some of us filled out information cards (as witnesses).

And then waited for two more trains before getting on.

Lesson learned: Muni vehicles are not worth (almost) losing a limb over.

Yikes. I’ll remember this the next time I try to jam onto a train…

Weekend Photo Diary: Muni Metro Goes A-Whizzin’ By

Photo by Rick Audet from the Muni Photos Flickr pool

Found this photo in our Flickr account the other day. It touches off all sorts of geek nerves in me — from the suggestion of speed and motion to the wide-angle aspect and blurring of imagery. Great photo by Rick.

Well, nothing much going on this weekend. Ah, we kid. Hell, the weekend seemed to start early for most of you (not us!), so you’re probably reading this Sunday or Monday. Hope you enjoyed it.

If you’re still looking for things to do Saturday, the day the country we live in was born, look no further — SF Appeal has a great round-up.

Weather in the city should be mild by July standards. Go forth … on the fourth. [the sound of fellow Muni Diaries editors beating Jeff]


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