Because he’s Sneakers the Corgi, that’s why


You might be of the opinion that we at Muni Diaries have a thing for dogs on transit. You would be correct in this opinion.

We at Muni Diaries have a thing for dogs on transit. And then Sneakers the Corgi shows up on an F-Market, and we briefly consider that the pinnacle has indeed been reached.

“My first time on a San Francisco streetcar!”

Sneakers the Corgi showed up on the F-Market, you guys. YOU GUYS!

F-Market streetcar rides inspire cute towels


Muni rider Cristina was forced above-ground, so to speak. That move led to a change of heart.

Two years ago, I sprained my ankle really badly. I live close to Church and Market and I used to take the underground trains when I needed to get downtown. But since my ankle was in such bad shape, I started taking the F-Market because the stop is a block closer. I’ll never go back!

I love the streetcars. All of them are beautiful. I love people-watching along Market Street. I love how even though it caters heavily to tourists, this line ends up serving all the types of people who live, work and hang out along Market Street. It’s my favorite ride in the city.

Cristina translated her love of the streetcars into art. The image above is one of her F-Market dish towels. You can buy them at her Etsy shop.

Happy Birthday, Nation

muni american flag fourth of july
Photo by pbo31

Are you firing up the grill yet? If you’re going to see fireworks tonight, don’t forget to check our transit advisory before you head out the door.

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