Chartered party on the F-Market at night? Yes, please


You’re in for a treat this Saturday, as SF’s own Mesquite and Mustard joins the lineup at Muni Diaries Live to sing about, in their own words, “trains and whiskey.” We’re on board. See what I did there?

On the following weekend, the trio will be providing musical accompaniment for Market Street Railway’s first-ever Night Train, a chartered party on wheels aboard one of the historic streetcars that MSR acquires, restores, and maintains. From the press release:

Come ride Muni’s first streetcar, car 1, along the historic F-line from the Castro to Fisherman’s Wharf and back all lit up. While riding, you’ll be able to enjoy drinks that will be available (your first is free) as well as the sounds of a live performance by the local band Mesquite and Mustard. The excursion is on Sunday, April 26, 7-9pm.

Car 1 had its inaugural run out Geary Street on December 28, 1912, piloted by then Mayor James Rolph, Jr. It ran for 39 years until 1951 when it was retired from service. In 1962, it was restored to its original condition to serve as the centerpiece of Muni’s 50th anniversary. Car 1 was used during the summer trolley festivals during the 1980s and became part of the new F-Market line fleet in 1995. In 2009-2010, it was completely restored and returned to regular service on October 6, 2012, almost a century after it was originally built.

Seating is limited to 42 passengers, so sign up today.

For more information on what promises to be a thrilling and very San Francisco evening, go to Market Street Railway.

Muni appears in tattoo declaring love of San Francisco


Hot on the heels of our post yesterday about a guy whose tattoo honors his Muni-driving grandfather, Muni rider Matt sent us the following explanation.

Keeping with the theme of Muni tattoos, here’s another one to add to your collection.

I’m a transplant but fell in love with this city immediately upon moving here. I’ve decided I’ll die here one day. My sleeve is a tribute to the things in the city that played a part in my swooning for SF. The F line is one of the coolest things ever.

It’s not the first F-Market tattoo we’ve seen: This post was about an F-Market tattoo with the words, “The city is my sweetheart” inscribed below the streetcar.

Keep ’em coming, Muni and SF lovers!

Because he’s Sneakers the Corgi, that’s why


You might be of the opinion that we at Muni Diaries have a thing for dogs on transit. You would be correct in this opinion.

We at Muni Diaries have a thing for dogs on transit. And then Sneakers the Corgi shows up on an F-Market, and we briefly consider that the pinnacle has indeed been reached.

“My first time on a San Francisco streetcar!”

Sneakers the Corgi showed up on the F-Market, you guys. YOU GUYS!

F-Market streetcar rides inspire cute towels


Muni rider Cristina was forced above-ground, so to speak. That move led to a change of heart.

Two years ago, I sprained my ankle really badly. I live close to Church and Market and I used to take the underground trains when I needed to get downtown. But since my ankle was in such bad shape, I started taking the F-Market because the stop is a block closer. I’ll never go back!

I love the streetcars. All of them are beautiful. I love people-watching along Market Street. I love how even though it caters heavily to tourists, this line ends up serving all the types of people who live, work and hang out along Market Street. It’s my favorite ride in the city.

Cristina translated her love of the streetcars into art. The image above is one of her F-Market dish towels. You can buy them at her Etsy shop.

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