Happy Birthday, Nation

muni american flag fourth of july
Photo by pbo31

Are you firing up the grill yet? If you’re going to see fireworks tonight, don’t forget to check our transit advisory before you head out the door.

From the Twitters:

We’ll return to our regular programming tomorrow!

Dressing Up Muni For Christmas

jeremy whiteman msr christmas 5

Wonder how the street cars get in the holiday spirit? We’ve been lucky enough to join the Market Street Railway folks to decorate the street cars in the last few years. This year, Jeremy Whiteman of Market Street Railway sent us more photos of cable cars and streetcars all decked out in their holiday gear.

Cue the Christmas music! See more photos of streetcars getting decked out for the holidays …

Major F-Market Delay, Reports of Person Trapped Underneath

Photo by Patrick Power

There is a major Muni delay on Church and Market Streets as of 6:30 p.m., according to our reader reports and @nbcbayarea. Witnesses are tweeting that they saw a woman trapped underneath the bus. This photo came from reader Patrick Power, who said, “Market Street was blocked off to pedestrians crossing on the outbound side and to all traffic on the inbound side. I heard someone talking about a woman having gotten trapped somehow under one of the streetcars, but have no way of verifying that as I type this.”

From an eye witness on Twitter:

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