Ghost riding of sorts on the M-Ocean View


Muni rider Annette sees the upside to an otherwise Muni fail.

“On the M coming from SF State and we’re stopped at Castro Station. The Muni driver is hollering for people to stand back and let the doors close. Except no one was standing in the doorway, it wasn’t at all crowded. I see the driver walking down past our car to the next to inspect the doors. A few minutes later we’re rocking again full speed ahead through the tunnel. We get to Church Station and once again the doors aren’t closing. The guy next to me is curious about what’s happening and goes outside to investigate. Turns out that squeaky door from the car behind me FELL OFF THE HINGES during the tunnel. Gone. Vanished. No mas! Needless to say, the train went out of service. Another Muni fail for on time departures, but a win for entertainment!”

Pretty sure she’s describing this story, via SFGate. We’re glad everyone is safe!

SFCTA floats M-Ocean View Subway idea

Image by SFCTA

For the second weekend in a row, transit geeks get a fix here on Muni Diaries.

SF Streetsblog reports that area transportation planners are discussing plans to accommodate an increase in traffic on one of Muni Metro’s slowest lines, the M-Ocean View. One of the ideas would be a combination of above-street and underground rails that would eliminate the need for the M to compete with heavy auto traffic along 19th Avenue.

Read the full article at SF Streetsblog.

Bryan Boy 2.0 on Muni

Fashion world and Muni world collide! This chic young man was spotted riding the M. Lucky for us, Doc Pop had his camera at the ready. Looks like he’s rocking some Prada Baroque collection sunglasses (see Beyonce’s lil sis sporting these bad boys at the beach). But my sources tell me that his Louis Vuitton bag may be of questionable origin.

But who cares where he got his LV bag, really, because this guy is…in a word…ahmazing!

p.s. If you don’t know, you should know that our title refers to the fabulous blogger Bryan Boy. Baboosh!

Poll: Do you run for Muni?

Photo by thecourtyard

I was leaving SF State to head home. I saw the train at 19th and Holloway picking up passengers. My light to cross 19th was about to change, so I decided to run for the train.

You know that really lame thing that happens, where sometimes when you’re walking and your ankle randomly buckles under the weight of your body? Yeah, that happened to me. While I was running as fast as I could. Across 19th Avenue.

I bit it hard. Bit it for all the students and people in cars to see. And the Muni operator had the best view.

I got up and hobbled my way up the platform, jeans torn, one ankle out of commission. And, big shock, the Muni operator took off without me.

It was that day that I decided never to run for another bus, streetcar, or LRV ever again. Under no circumstances. No way. I don’t even run for BART.

But what about the rest of you: is it worth it to run to catch your bus? Tell me I’m not the only one.

[poll id=”7″]

Muni strikes pedestrian, who suffers serious head injury (update)

Breda LRV
Photo by Ryan S.

Update (3:21 p.m.): Sad news, you guys. The victim, whose name hasn’t been released, has taken a turn for the worse. SFGate reports that her condition has gone from serious to critical.

Original post: An M-Ocean View struck a pedestrian at 19th Avenue and Junipero Serra yesterday evening. According to Bay City News (via SF Appeal):

The 19-year-old pedestrian was struck by a Muni vehicle on the M-Ocean View line. She suffered head trauma and was taken to San Francisco General Hospital, where she was in serious but stable condition as of this morning, according to police.

It’s unclear whether the vehicle was an M-Ocean View light-rail or shuttle bus; SF Weekly reports that it was a bus, while SF Appeal says it was an LRV. We’ll update as we learn more about the incident.

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