But what else does F stand for?

Photo by jon|k

Fun stuff in Twitterlandia @munidiaries: the alphabet according to Muni Metro.

@_mola_mola: #muni driver says: L is for late, M is for missing, T is for tardy.

@Bordash: is the N for never? i can’t come up with anything better.

@Owenchristoff: N: Non-existant. J: joke. K: Knocked-out 🙂

@simplelife9: And J and K is for Just Kidding, there really is no Muni in 5 minutes lol…

This all reminds us of that silly kerfuffle over T-shirts that mocked Muni routes.

Care to fill in the rest or add some to the list? F and S (Shuttle) are feeling left out of the party.

A new type of crime on Muni?

Church street station
Photo by kurafire

Brian sends the following dispatch:

Just a quick note about a new (or new to me?) type of crime on Muni.

I was coming from from downtown yesterday on an M. I got off at the Church Station and started walking towards the back of the train on the platform when I noticed a guy standing on the edge of the platform very near the back of the train.. it almost looked like he was trying to hang on to the back or something. But then when I got closer I realized he was trying to open the window to the operator’s compartment on the back of the train. He succeeded in opening it and stuck his head and the upper part of his body in.. then he came out later with a few items.. possibly the stack of transfers and something else? He was definitely NOT a MUNI employee. Afterwards he just sort of walked away, nonchalant like nothing happened. I think most of the other people on the platform were confused like me.. thinking, “Wait, did that guy just break into a active train?”

We’re checking with SFMTA and SFPD about whether this has been reported. Stay tuned.

Have you seen anything like this?

Friendly Crush on Muni

Photo by Flickr user Rose Broome

Rider Rose Broome spotted this scene on the L some weeks back:

I’d just gotten on the M line at SF State heading downtown when I saw this group of students playing around sitting on each other (the M line is always packed!). I love the bright colors and the novelty of their muni-seat pile up!

I took it on February 1st 2009 using my Sony Ericsson S500i phone camera.

Thanks, Rose!

Saw something amusing on Muni? Share your slice of life on public transit with us here or in our Flickr pool.

Truck, M-Ocean View collide head-on at Randolph and Arch (update)

Update (3:53 p.m.): Chris tells us full service has resumed in this area.

Original post: Yet another “it just hasn’t been Muni’s day” post.

Rider Christopher Rogers tells us of an afternoon head-on collision between an M-Ocean View light-rail and a truck. According to Chris, there were no injuries. But the vehicles seem to have been damaged up real bad.

Chris adds: “They’re running shuttle buses on the outbound M route as of right now. LRVs are running inbound, though.”

Thanks, Chris!

How to really sleep on Muni

Sleep Guy
Photo by Flickr user SFNoob

We’ve posted about sleeping on the bus before — in fact, rider Kelsey reported that there is a special jacket to help you sleep on public transportation and even a Facebook group.  One of my favorite sleeping on the bus moments was this adorable post of Muni Love. You know what, I love this picture so much that I am going to post it here again:

In any case, rider Alexia caught a picture of a rider who took sleeping on the bus to the next level (see her picture below). We really hope this passenger was just getting comfortable and not feeling unwell…

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