Sloshed on Muni: Keeping tabs on live cargo

We love your photos, your videos, and your tweets. But going back to our roots with a good old-fashioned story-story still gives us the warm fuzzies.

James, 71, spends his mornings in retirement walking around San Francisco and then takes Muni home. Here’s James with a sloshy, delightful tale from the 29:

I caught the 29-Sunset early afternoon at 25th & Clement about six months ago for my destination near San Francisco State University. Boarding the bus was a very inebriated man carrying a very large plastic snack jar, which contained water (half full) and three very large, live frogs. The individual sat directly behind the driver. As the bus drove, this individual’s jar was sloshing a lot and he was having trouble sitting up. Two girls on the bus were laughing and asked the man if he could show them one of his frogs. The man took one of the frogs out, waving it in front of the girls who were squealing. The frog got loose and started hopping down the aisle of the bus. At this point, the man placed the jar on the seat beside him and started to weave down the aisle, caught the frog, and returned it to the jar on his seat. He departed the bus several stops later. An unforgettable scene.

Early-afternoon drunkles, pets gone awry, and connecting with strangers; this Muni story really sums it up, doesn’t it?

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Pic by Natalie McNear on Flickr

Top Five Muni Moments of the Week

muni rider by patrick o
Photo by Patrick O

This week we find out that Murphy’s Law dictates maximum embarrassment when you are caught without your fare. Here are your top five big Muni moments of the week!

1. Driver (over the intercom, as two guys board the train with fishing poles): “I wanna go fishin with y’all!”

2. Best excuse we’ve heard on Muni so far: Man outside to Muni driver: “I just got out of jail man, let me on the bus.”

3. Rider Matt smelled durian on the 29 and hoped that the owner of this tropical treat will share the wealth. We think Matt might be the only one wishing for durian on the bus, though.

4. Nutrition lesson overheard on the 38L: Mom holding cow doll: “What do cows eat?” Child: “Pizza!” Mom: I don’t know. Pizza is heavily processed.”

5. There’s no shame worse than not paying your fare and being escorted off by Muni Police in front of all the babes. Lesson learned.

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Is springtime nosepicking season on Muni?

Photo by birdsintheframe

An unusual flurry of Muni tweets were spotted recently mentioning seeing someone on Muni digging for gold:

Friday, April 6: “this lady on the 29 dug for gold up her right [nostril] & wiped it on her toddler’s back.” – @KatmanduHerself
Monday, April 9: “woman on the L drinking beer, picking her nose, wiping mouth with baby bonnet, flipping off an older lady, stickers on glasses” – @Zangelman
Monday, April 9: “Serious nose pickage on the 1BX right now. I thought this was a classier ride…” – @im_crafty

It made us wonder why, all of a sudden, such a phenomenon would unfold. Could it be … allergies? Also: Stop it, people.

Passenger Stabbed on 29-Sunset (update)

Buses Bunching Up
Photo by skew-t

Update (12:12 p.m.): KRON reports that the SFPD have surveillance video of the incident, and are reviewing it in their search for a suspect.

Original post: Rough times on the 29-Sunset yesterday evening. KGO reports:

A man stabbed a passenger three times in the shoulder and abdomen, while they were riding the 29-Sunset bus. It happened around 7:40 Monday night. The victim got off the bus near Sunset Boulevard and Yorba Street, and asked to borrow someone’s cell phone to call for help. He was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening stab wounds.

Read the rest of the story here.

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