Burrito Justice: Loop the T-Third

Image by Burrito Justice, base map via Stamen)

Our pal over at Burrito Justice has a “modest proposal” when it comes to the construction of the Central Subway:

Unless we see a change in the SFMTA’s attitude, we are left with no choice but to hijack the tunnel boring machine as it exits its tunnel at Columbus and Union and continue boring tunnels.

Simply catching sight of the tunnel-boring machine that will soon bore its way under Fourth Street set Mr. Justice’s synapses a-firin’. He lays his plan out in excruciating detail, then asks for a show of hands.

Our hands are in the air, sir. Enthusiastically.

Read the whole proposal at Burrito Justice.

It’s Always Snacktime on Muni

Photo: joshleejosh

100 Muni StoriesReal, honest-to-goodness Muni is found just as easily in 140 characters as it is in 1,400. To whit:

@alleekate418: On the T watching a man eat something out of his shoe.

What kind of shoe, I wonder? And are we talking M&Ms or mashed potatoes?

More Muni experiences await your eyeballs — check out the rest in our “100 Days, 100 Muni Stories Muni” celebration. And we still want to hear from you; send us your stories today, ’cause the best ones will be excerpted on a real-life Muni bus ad.

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