Footwear of Choice on Muni

Muni story opportunities happen everywhere, especially when you’re waiting for the T with a bunch of WordCampers. This photo came from George from Automattic, who kindly shared it with me a few weeks ago at the WordPress extravaganza.

I know the weather is San Francisco is always temperate, but barefoot, really? The footwear of choice on Muni can be these flashy orange babies, adorned with cream bow tie, or just anything from Jeremy Brooks’ photo documentation of awesome showgazing. No need to go au naturel!

See other fashion mishaps on Muni? Don’t make a citizen’s arrest. Send it to Muni Diaries.

Fare evader shoots at SFPD; cops fire fatal shot back (updates)

Update (4:18 p.m. Sunday): SF Appeal reports that the suspect’s gun has been recovered.

Update (8:29 p.m.): The Examiner now reports that the suspect in the shooting near Oakdale and Third has died from wounds he received after being shot by SFPD. The Examiner reports that:

“the two officers were conducting Muni fare inspections on a T-Third Street light-rail train when they detained the suspect on the platform at Third and Oakdale. The man bolted from the platform and fired back on the two officers, Andraychak said. That is when the cops shot at the suspect, with one officer kneeling down to take aim, according to one witness.”

SF Appeal also reports the story. SFGate’s report.

Original post: The Examiner is reporting that a man was shot by SFPD in the Bayview after deboarding a T-Third not having paid fare. We’ll bring you updates as we get them.

But what else does F stand for?

Photo by jon|k

Fun stuff in Twitterlandia @munidiaries: the alphabet according to Muni Metro.

@_mola_mola: #muni driver says: L is for late, M is for missing, T is for tardy.

@Bordash: is the N for never? i can’t come up with anything better.

@Owenchristoff: N: Non-existant. J: joke. K: Knocked-out 🙂

@simplelife9: And J and K is for Just Kidding, there really is no Muni in 5 minutes lol…

This all reminds us of that silly kerfuffle over T-shirts that mocked Muni routes.

Care to fill in the rest or add some to the list? F and S (Shuttle) are feeling left out of the party.

Was something in the air this morning on Muni?

Jet Set Operator
Photo by Todd Lappin

We saw several tweets this morning mentioning friendly, efficient Muni operators. Perhaps the Rapture is today, not Saturday? In any case, we’re seeing staggering evidence of the world going kablooey any second now.

To whit:

Muni driver greeted me with a smile, “good morning sir, everything good today.”. #5578 rt. 30 you are an example.@sgharms

I think I might have boarded Muni airline 30x. Busdriver said that we might expect sunny weather on the other side of the broadway tunnel. – @bmson

This #Muni driver is entirely too cheery for his AM 30x clientele. Not complaining–it beats the usual driver surliness.@sfkatya

After I filled out a scathing survey on MUNI, this lovely T-Line driver waited for me as I ran for the train. Karma?@katinaminer

This makes us wonder: If the operators union were to craft a totally coordinated, skillfully executed PR campaign to be friendly and efficient, would it change your opinion of the system as a whole?

And keep up the good attitudes, Nice Drivers.

Six Injured When Big Rig Hits Muni (Update)

K-line Muni Train, San Francisco
File photo by Devery Sheffer

CBS5 has video footage of the scene:

Original post:

Six people were injured when a big-rig hit the Muni KT-Ingleside/Third Street line in Dogpatch this morning, reports Bay City News/SF Appeal. The accident was reported around 10:30 a.m. on the corner of Third and 23rd Street, causing minor injuries to six people at the scene, who were taken to a hospital and expect to be ok, according to reports.

Read the rest of the Bay City News/SF Appeal report on this morning’s accident.

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